Research & Insights

We began the Research & Insights program in order to share the latest and most impactful insights from the invaluable research we are seeing across kids and family industries. We believe that by staying informed about the latest findings it will enable us to develop the most meaningful and impactful media for kids and families.


This report compiles the latest research on the climate crisis, how it impacts our children, and how we as media professionals can do better. Our goal in spotlighting these insights is to inspire our industry to not only create eco-conscious media, but implement sustainable practices in our work.

Earth Day with CMA!

On Earth Day we screened some inspiring and thought provoking eco-conscious content, and spoke with the incredible creators! Our panel was hosted by the talented Suzie Hick, The Climate Chick and our panelists were Amanda Evans, Obki Show Creator, Shabnam Rezaei, Founder of Big Bad Boo Studios who created Galapagos X, Sherene Strasburg, Director & Animator of Cool For You and Tehya Jennett Director of Gen Z Mental Health: Climate Stories. #climateeducation #childrensmedia #kidsandclimatechange #climateliteracy

An inspiring conversation with the researchers and the activists working at the intersection of kids and climate change. 


Laura Schifter| Aspen Institute

Nicole Ardoin| Professor, Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability

Sarah Newman| Climate Mental Health Network

An empowering conversation about GREEN content

across multiple media verticals. 


Tovah Barocas | Earth Rangers

Meredith Milton | NRDC (National Resources Defense Council)

Allison Begalman | Youth Entertainment Activists

Jacob Corvidae | Rocky Mountain Institute



Our goal in developing this report is to raise awareness about the teen mental health crisis. We have aggregated compelling research, articles and thought leadership in order to provide insights, information and tools on this vital topic. We hope that media professionals, parents, teachers, and teens can utilize the resources and recommendations outlined throughout this report to support teens and drive positive change in 2023, and beyond.

Our first Teen Mental Health week panel!

Yalda Uhls, Founder & Executive Director at the Center for Scholars & Storytellers, UCLA and Richard Weissbourd, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Education & the Kennedy School of Government shared their knowledge and insights on the teen mental health crisis.

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