Stacey Weingarten

Stacey is a freelance writer, producer, director, and puppet artist. She believes that children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way! In addition to supporting other artists, Stacey creates original, often musical, projects for stage and screen that explore social awareness through entertainment. Her favorite family works for Chinese Mother Jewish Daughter LLC include two musical fairytales inspired by her dog (Rescue Rue & Rescue Rue 2: Uprueted), a TV series that aims to demystify allergies and dietary restrictions for kids and families (Monicaʼs Mixing Bowl), and an award-winning puppet short (Beach Day). Other favorite projects include a time-travelinʼ sci-fi rock opera (LUDOʼs Broken Bride), a chanson-infused historical fiction (5th Republic), a 1890s gender-affirming Storyville tale (Madame), and a short play series inspired by real-life (spirits: the bar plays). As a self-described ‘puppet person’, sheʼs worked for companies like the Jim Henson Co., Swazzle, and the Puppet Kitchen, on shows like Sesame Street, Julie’s Green Room, Johnny and the Sprites, Kidding, and Avenue Q; she also teaches Puppetry at Pace University.

Stacey is a rescue dog, boba tea, and Disneyland enthusiast whoʼs been eager to get more involved with CMA for years, and thrilled to bring her passion for Childrenʼs Media to CMA LA!