Scott Traylor

Scott Traylor has been leading teams to create award winning children’s interactive media products most of his adult life. He has a long history of developing digital product successes that delight and engage children everywhere. His client list is a who’s who across the children’s entertainment and education landscape including the likes of Disney, Pokémon, Hasbro, LeapFrog, Nickelodeon, Scholastic, and many others.

Growing up in the Boston area, Scott watched Mister Rogers and Sesame Street as a child and then later worked with and supported both companies for many years through his own consultancy called 360KID. Later in life Scott moved to Los Angeles where he worked closely with LeVar Burton of Reading Rainbow fame to build out LeVar’s massively successful $6.4 million eBook kickstarter campaign promise for educators and students. After LA Scott moved to Silicon Valley where he was asked to invent a new physical robot for preschoolers at a startup called Wonder Workshop. Today Scott works with the edtech company Encantos as their Chief Product Officer to develop app-based learning experiences and creative expression tools that help students (as well as adults) master 21st century skills.

Scott has served as a board member, trustee, and advisor to numerous education companies, including the Association of Educational Publishers, The American Association of Publishers, Lingokids, Exploration Learning, Woot Math, and many others. A former computer science educator at Harvard University for over a decade, Scott continues to be involved in research, writing, and speaking on all things related to kids, learning, and technology. Scott currently lives in the Sacramento, CA area with his partner Sasha. He enjoys reading research about kids, misses live shows in LA, pastrami sandwiches in NYC, and sometimes can be found performing standup comedy online.