Meagan Rothschild

Dr. Meagan Rothschild is an expert in the realm of children’s media and learning, leveraging her extensive knowledge and experience to create positive and engaging content for young audiences. Throughout her career, she has been dedicated to promoting age-appropriate experiences that not only entertain but also foster cognitive and emotional growth in children. Dr. Rothschild’s work in this area has earned her recognition as a thought leader, influencing the way children interact with and consume media in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. She is also committed to empowering parents, educators, and other stakeholders in understanding the significance of high-quality content for children.


Dr. Rothschild has worked as a school educator, technology leader, and curriculum designer in both academic and nonprofit spaces (Hawaii DOE, PREL, WIDA, University of Wisconsin-Madison), but has also spanned the academic-to-industry bridge as a research and product strategy executive, focusing on both linear and interactive media (Microsoft Research, Age of Learning, Scholastic). She becomes giddy thinking about play for all ages, and in her personal time works with a variety of groups to blend playful participation with contemplative and mindfulness practices. She lives in Petaluma, CA with a fluffy feline fur-baby and a balcony set up for epic bird-watching.