Katherine DeLeon Sanderson

Katherine is an aspiring producer/executive/writer who loves making content for kids, especially when it exposes them to new cultures, topics, and voices. She is currently working at Disney Television Animation on their new animated series ‘Hamster + Gretel’, where she supports the creator, producers, writers, and production management team. She also works as a development consultant for Stage32 where she reads scripts for kids/family/animation + does notes calls with the writers, and has set up pitches at major studios for some of the writers she works with.

Over the pandemic, she served as a creative advisor for the non-profit Cures of Colors where she led the production of nearly 10 kids coloring books that covered different social issues. She previously has worked at Walt Disney, NBCUniversal, MGM Studios, and the Jim Henson Company working across all different business segments such as production/development, brand marketing, consumer products, and themed entertainment.

She received her BA in English from Santa Clara University where her focus was diverse + international storytelling, and also has a masters degree in producing for film + tv. When she’s not working, you can find her hanging out with her pet betta fish named George, or hiking multiple times a week in Griffith Park (where she and her friends are notoriously good at spotting celebrities hiking…) She’s so excited to join the CMA team!