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NY Summer Picnic

NY Summer Picnic

Wed Jul 17, 2024 6:00 PM


Come join us for a CMA New York Summer picnic in Central Park! We’ll be near Le Pain Quotidien on the Sheep Meadow Lawn. Bring your own food and beverages! In the case of inclement weather, event will be rescheduled. Please RSVP to attend! 

Le Pain Quotidien – Central Park (meeting point) 2 W. 69th Street New York, NY 10023

CMA Connect

CMA Connect

Thu Jul 18, 2024 8:00 PM


Join our member-only networking event on Thursday, July 18th!

Please remember to register and the Zoom link will be sent the day of the event.

A Peek into Podcasting Part One | Creating, Writing and Producing Kid's Podcasts

A Peek into Podcasting Part One | Creating, Writing and Producing Kid's Podcasts

Wed Jul 24, 2024 1:00 PM


Join CMA for a three-part series as we take A Peek into Podcasting! Thinking about launching a podcast? Wondering what to do with your podcast idea(s)? Need to know all that goes into producing a podcast? In part one, we will chat with the brilliant Patrick Carman, the masterful Jed Anderson and the skilled Reece Carman, three accomplished creators and producers and discuss kid’s podcasts from the initial idea to the final production and the process in between. 

Come with just a thought and leave equipped to create impactful podcast content for children!


Patrick Carman is a co-founder and former creative director of GoKidGo, a narrative podcast company for kids with millions of downloads. Mr. Carman created, wrote, directed, and produced hit shows Bobby Wonder, Lucy Wow, Whale of a Tale, Snoop and Sniffy, Floozeville, Sam Archer, and Happy Holidays, among others. Separately from GoKidGo, Patrick has created Ambie-nominated scripted podcasts for iHeart and Audible with millions of listens. Mr. Carman has authored 35 novels with over 5 million books in print across 23 countries. He has spoken live to over a million young readers at 3000+ schools across the country. Patrick is the founder of PC Studio, Inc., a digital agency with clients including Penguin Random House, Scholastic, and Harper Collins. PC Studio projects have generated over $100 million in revenue with over 50 million books in print. 

In 1995, Jed Anderson figured out how to get a microphone to work on the family computer. Like most 11-years-olds tend to do, he used that microphone to record silly voices and weird, horrible songs. 15 years later, he was still recording silly voices and songs, only now, it was as aprofessional working with The GRAMMY Award Winning Okee Dokee Brothers. Jed spent thenext 7 years working as a touring musician, recording artist, producer, and video editor. Then, in2017, Jed was recruited by Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz to produce their brand new Tinkercast show, Wow in the World. Jed provided the dialogue and music editing as well as the sound design, mixing, and additional voices. Fast forward to today– Wow in the World has over 200 episodes, hundreds of millions of downloads, awards, and spin-off shows. As the Supervising Producer for Tinkercast, Jed helps to shape the studio’s content in whichever way he’s needed, from voicing characters (Dennis,Thomas Fingerling, Reggie), to guiding the team through the podcast post-production process.

Reece Carman
is a kid’s podcast producer, casting director, audio engineer, and co-director with credits including hit shows Bobby Wonder, Lucy Wow, Whale of a Tale, Snoop and Sniffy, Floozeville, Sam Archer, and Happy Holidays. Reece started her podcasting career early, creating hit shows by the time she was 24 years old.

Animation & Emotions: Why and How Cartoons Have the Power to Evoke Empathy with Pixar's "Inside Out 2"

Animation & Emotions: Why and How Cartoons Have the Power to Evoke Empathy with Pixar's "Inside Out 2"

Thu Jul 25, 2024 11:00 AM

StreamYard | CMA Screening Room,

At minimal, animation is entertainment. But at it’s best, animation offers us the ability to communicate, to enhance our imaginations, and allow us to feel. And all ages are invited to experience the magic within the pixels. 

In this event entitled, “Animation & Emotions” CMA will discuss the force that is animation and it’s lasting effect on our emotions with the team behind Pixar’s “Inside Out 2.” Joining us is Meg LeFauve, Academy Award nominee for her co-writing on “Inside Out” and also co-writer for “Inside Out 2,” fellow co-writer Dave Holstein, Dr. Lisa Damour, best-selling author and mental health consultant for “Inside Out 2” and Dr. Dacher Keltner, one of the world’s foremost emotion scientists and scientific advisor behind both “Inside Out” and “Inside Out 2.” 

Join us as we discuss how colorful characters and evoking storylines have the strangest power to make FEEL!



Meg LeFauve is an Oscar-nominated writer and Peabody award-winning producer. She was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for co-writing the script for Pixar’s INSIDE OUT. And her newest project, as a co-writer is on INSIDE OUT 2. She also wrote the script for Pixar’s THE GOOD DINOSAUR which was nominated for a Golden Globe. She wrote the story for Marvel’s CAPTAIN MARVEL, and wrote the script for Netflix/Cartoon Saloon film MY FATHER’S DRAGON which was nominated for two Annie Awards. As a producer with Jodie Foster’s company, she was nominated for an Emmy, a Golden Globe and the IFP Spirit Award. She was a teacher at AFI and served as the co-chair of the Graduate Producers Program at UCLA’s School of Film and Television, where she taught master level story and development classes for over seven years.


Dave Holstein wrote/created Showtime’s 2018 dramedy series KIDDING, starring Jim Carrey and Catherine Keener and directed by Michel Gondry. Before that he was a writer/executive producer on the Showtime drama I’M DYING UP HERE starring Melissa Leo and HBO’s comedy series THE BRINK, starring Tim Robbins and Jack Black. He was also a writer/producer on the final season FOX’sRAISING HOPE and before that spent six years as a writer/producer on Showtime’s WEEDS. He has written episodes for the Syfy horror anthology CREEPSHOW and TeenNick’s groundbreaking series GIGANTIC. He has also developed pilots for Comedy Central, Showtime, CBS and FOX, as well as feature films for Universal Pictures. Most recently, Holstein co-wrote Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out 2.


Dr. Lisa Damour is the author of three New York Times best sellers: Untangled, Under Pressure, and The Emotional Lives of Teenagers, which have been translated into twenty-three languages. She co-hosts the Ask Lisa podcast, works in collaboration with UNICEF, and is recognized as a thought leader by the American Psychological Association. Dr. Damour is a regular contributor to The New York Times and CBS News and the creator of Untangling 10to20, a digital library of premium content to support teens and those who care for them. 

Dr. Damour serves as a Senior Advisor to the Schubert Center for Child Studies at Case Western Reserve University and has written numerous academic papers, chapters, and books related to education and child development. She maintains a clinical practice and also speaks to schools, professional organizations, and corporate groups around the world on the topics of child and adolescent development, family mental health, and adult well-being. Dr. Damour also works with industry leaders on topics related to adolescent mental health and was a consultant to Pixar on the film Inside Out 2. Dr. 

Damour graduated with honors from Yale University and worked for the Yale Child Study Center before earning her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Michigan. She has been a fellow at Yale’s Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy and the University of Michigan’s Power Foundation. She and her husband are the proud parents of two daughters. 


Dr. Keltner is one of the world’s foremost emotion scientists. He is a professor of psychology at UC Berkeley and the director of the Greater Good Science Center. He has over 200 scientific publications and six books, including Born to Be Good, The Compassionate Instinct, and The Power Paradox. He has written for many popular outlets, from The New York Times to Slate. He was also the scientific advisor behind Pixar’s Inside Out and Inside Out 2, is involved with the education of health care providers and judges, and has consulted extensively for Google, Apple, and Pinterest, on issues related to emotion and well-being.

A Peek into Podcasting Part Two | The Future of Podcasts

A Peek into Podcasting Part Two | The Future of Podcasts

Wed Jul 31, 2024 2:00 PM


In part one of CMA’s “A Peek into Podcasting” series we’ll discuss the creative process, writing and producing for kid’s podcasts. But learning where the industry is trending is vital for success. In part two of “A Peek into Podcasting,” we’ll seek to understand the future of kid’s podcasts, the industry as it stands and where’s it’s going. 

Joining us is Lynn Kestin-Sessler, Senior Creative Director, Nickelodeon & Paramount Pictures Podcasts, Laura Ordoñez, Executive Editor, Head of Digital Media & Family at Common Sense Media, and Heather Alexander, Executive Producer/Senior Director of Original Kids’ Content at Audible, three powerhouses in all things kid’s podcasts.


Lynn Kestin Sessler is a Peabody, Webby and Parent’s Choice Award-winning Producer and Development Executive who has created.podcasts, animated series, digital, and live action TV programming for Nickelodeon, PBS, Netflix, Nick Jr., Sesame Street, HBO, FX and MTV Networks.

Lynn is currently Senior Creative Director/Multi-Platform Executive at Nickelodeon/Paramount. This Spring, Lynn’s podcast team at Nickelodeon and Paramount, won 3 Webby awards for their programs and also released a slate of preschool shows based on their beloved franchises- Dora’s Recipe for Adventure, Nickelodeon’s Goodnight Bedtime Stories, Let’s Guess Who with Josh & Blue as we as 2nd Season of Blue’s Clue’s Storytime), as well as the 3rd season of Avatar’s Braving the Elements podcast and the multi Webby- winning Are You Afraid of the Dark?. Lynn has has also produced and created award-winning podcasts for Nick Jr’s Noggin, Meet the Alpha Beats,), 4 current audio series for Audible, the Webby & Parent’s Choice honored-Emma-Made Lemonade and Highlights Hangout.

On the TV front, Lynn has Executive Produced Go, Dog, Go! on Netflix , PBS’ The Cat in the Hat Knows A lot About That! And PBS Kids’ Rocket Saves the Day, an animated movie that aired this past Christmas. In the interactive space, Lynn was Supervising Digital Producer, on Ready Jet Go!, the Webby Award -honored The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot About That!, WordGirl, and Sesame Street, among others.

Lynn was elected to the National Board of Producer’s Guild (PGA)/Co-Chair of the New Media Council is proud to be part of the TV Academy, the Board of Directors for the Children’s Media Association and the Common Sense Media Board of Advisors. Lynn is also a Webby and Emmy judge.


As Common Sense’s senior editor, head of digital content and curation, Laura Ordoñez spearheads all podcast and digital platform coverage and curation. Before joining Common Sense, Laura spent 10 years as a communications specialist in the health and wellness space and then followed her passion for writing and storytelling into the world of journalism. She fell in love with investigative reporting and sports writing while getting her bachelor’s in journalism from San Francisco State University and went on to cover the Golden State Warriors as a reporter and editor, earning several awards for her coverage, including the 2017 Oakland A’s Bill King Scholarship and Associated Press Sports Editors Award. More recently, Laura was a podcast host and producer for a Bay Area startup, working to create a platform to help parents gain knowledge and confidence in raising their children. As a social justice warrior and mental health advocate, she spearheaded DEI efforts to create more diverse content relatable to a broader audience. 

She’s currently working on launching her own podcast focused on helping intersectional feminists support their mental, emotional, and physical health while standing in their power. She also enjoys Muay Thai, cuddling with her dog, trying to get her teenage son to think she’s “not a regular mom” but a “cool mom,” and meditating over tarot cards while dissecting her horoscope.


In 2017, Heather Alexander created the trailblazing Children’s Original Publishing division at Audible in the US, creating innovative audio programs ranging from books with single narrators to scripted shows with ensembles of 25 and full orchestras. Heather’s visionary approach as an Executive Producer has allowed her to forge partnerships with esteemed brands like Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, KIDZ BOP, and Story Pirates. She has collaborated with icons such as RL Stine and Colin Kaepernick, Academy Award winners Kate Winslet and Jamie Lee Curtis, and Grammy-award winning musicians, and performers.

Introduction to Voiceover Animation Part One | Learn How to Use Your Voice

Introduction to Voiceover Animation Part One | Learn How to Use Your Voice

Thu Aug 29, 2024 4:00 PM


Just as with any other profession, using your voice to become a skilled, working voiceover actor takes dedication and practice. It’s much more than projecting a silly voice into a microphone. 

Interested in becoming a voiceover actor? Join us for part one of a three part series in learning how to use your voice, an “Introduction to Voiceover Animation.” In part one, we’ll chat with Kelly Moscinski, Owner of The Voicecaster, Sara Sherman, Casting Director and Animation Voiceover Coach and Mary Lynn Wissner, Owner of Voices Voicecasting, on classes, workshops, skill, demos, devotion and all that it takes to become a sought after voice and talent in the business.

Kelly Moscinski is the Owner and Head of Casting at The Voicecaster – the oldest voiceover casting house in the country, established in 1975! With about 20 years of experience in VO and even more in entertainment, Kelly casts and directs all things voiceover… PLUS she’s a demo producer and coach. Kelly has owned The Voicecaster since 2013 and took over as the company’s 3rd owner. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre with a Focus in Directing and a Master’s degree in English with a Focus in Creative Writing.

A few recent casting projects include Papa John’s, Cap’n Crunch, Popeyes, Verizon, Walmart+, Google, Amazon, Dungeons & Dragons (Video Game), Ready or Not (Video Game), and so many more in every genre!

When Kelly is not busy at the studio, she’s enjoying adventures with her husband and their two kids, listening to audiobooks, or re-organizing the house!


Sara Sherman is an Emmy Winning Voice Director and a three time Emmy Nominated Casting Director. She is currently casting and/or voice directing on projects for Apple, Netflix, Nickelodeon, Disney TV Animation, Fox, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros, Adult Swim, and Max.

Prior to starting her own company, she was Jon Stewart’s Head of Casting for his animated project with HBO. However, the majority of her casting career was at Disney Television Animation, where she spent 12 years learning how to cast an animated series.


Since, 1990 Mary Lynn Wissner, Founder and Casting Director of the award winning, Voices Voicecasting, has cast thousands and thousands of voice talent in thousands of voiceover productions. From the Clio winning CHEVRON TALKING CARS to the 13 part HISTORY, THE COLOR OF WAR to CHRYSLER, 7-Up, DEL TACO, JOLLY TIME, SHERWIN WILLIAMS, NICKELODEON, SONY, KIA, MATTEL, IAMS, MERCEDES, CHIQUITA, FIAT, TACO BELL, COCA-COLA, TOYOTA, LEGOS, WALGREENS, KLEENEX, US ARMY, SONY, 7-11, TECATE, HONDA, HASBRO, CLOROX, JEEP, MATTEL, LEAP PAD (just to name a few), as well as, several feature films, animation series and video games, audio books and narrations. Casting voices for E-Learning, Promos and IVR…whatever voice request is needed, Mary Lynn has found the voice for it!

In addition to her successful casting career, Mary Lynn has continued to direct workshops, coach, consult and direct talent all across the world. In 2007, Mary Lynn created The VO Pros, where talent can Meet the Pros and leaders in the industry with weekly workshops and clinics.

In 2018, Mary Lynn and a few of her VO colleagues introduced, THE VO ROADSHOW; bringing the most accredited and respected coaches and directors to your town! As the creator of THE VOICE OVER SELF DIRECTION APP, Mary Lynn simplified the self-direction process for talent to use on their iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Talent, producers, ad execs and creatives all know that when you work with Mary Lynn, you work with someone who loves everything about VO and brings that passion and expertise to any production, studio or workshop

your voice.

their future

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