Grant Henry, Secretary, CMA National

Grant is the founder of Grant Henry Media, Rhythmic Flows Yoga, and Yogi Tales: Live Music Kids Yoga.  He always knew that he was an entrepreneur at heart, but it was not until moving to New York City three years ago did he finally realize where he truly belonged.  Grant is a west-coast guy at heart having spent almost all of his life in New Mexico and Arizona.  He finished his undergraduate degree at the University of Arizona and finished two graduate degrees at Chatham University (Pittsburgh, PA) and New York University.  His first master's degree is in Film & Digital Technology and his second is in Digital Media Design for Learning.

When he was not furthering his education, Grant was a preschool teacher and director for almost ten years back home in Arizona.  It is there where he realized that his love for teaching and watching children grow would be a part of his life forever.  He always dreamt of creating his own children's television show and knew that he had to take a chance to make his dreams a reality (hopefully, one day following in the footsteps of two of his heroes: Fred Rogers and Angela Santomero).  So, he headed out East and has not looked back.

He understands the trials and tribulations that it takes to make his dreams come true, but he embraces the challenge and looks forward to the road ahead.