Elizabeth Hummer, Director of Development

Elizabeth Hummer

Elizabeth Hummer is committed to using media to empower young people to create the best lives for themselves. Her work in children’s television – giving kids cameras - has received two Emmy Awards and four nominations.

Her most recent film project is for BYkids. In Senegal, she mentored 13 year old Ndeye Fatou Fall who captures the story of her village that no longer practices child marriage or FGC (female genital mutilation). The film is one of five to air on BYkids’ second PBS season in 2018. She recently completed the Global Competence Certificate at Columbia University Teacher’s College and aims to bring video into the classroom globally.

In her free time, Elizabeth hula hoops, hikes with Sierra Club’s Harlem fifth graders, and meditates. And her suitcase and camera are always packed for the next collaborative adventure! She is honored to serve the vital Children’s Media Association community.