Adrian Rothschild

Adrian is an award-winning Creative Producer, Product Manager, and Software Engineer. He has worked on kids shows & apps for Nickelodeon, Paramount+, and Amazon Kids, produced immersive games available on mobile and voice devices, and led creative development for prototype digital & physical products that span several emerging technologies. He has also done work for several schools and educational nonprofits, including, the Calhoun School, and the KIPP school system. He is passionate about expanding access to technology and breaking down socioeconomic barriers to kids’ education.

After serving as CMA’s National Director of Digital Content from 2017-2019 and on the New York Events team from 2015-2017, Adrian is excited to be returning to the CMA team in the Bay Area. This organization has helped expand his career horizons in ways big and small, and he’s happy to continue giving back to the community!

Adrian is a recent Bay Area transplant, after spending most of his life in the New York City area. He has settled in San Francisco and has loved connecting with the local children’s media community here. He likes movies, art, hiking, and is an avid glassblower.