Ali Sussman, Director of Marketing

Ali Sussman

Ali Sussman graduated from Boston University after completing her major in the general communications program. After her three-year experience as a camp counselor and multiple children's media internships, she knew what she wanted to focus on post graduation. Ali loves kids! She loves the silliness and positive attitude that children consistently portray. When she got back to New York, Ali joined the consumer product/retail marketing team at Nickelodeon. Soon after, she took a job in marketing promotions/media activations at Sprout, NBC. Currently, she is doing freelance social, digital and partnership marketing for various businesses. 

Ali has always stayed true to her mission. She wants to share helpful, genuine and inspirational characters to children and families. Right now, she looks forward to the ever-changing kids media world of tablets, games and video that will continue to rapidly develop. 

In her free time, you can find Ali discovering the newest ice cream flavors around the city (no matter the temperature!), passionately pretending she has a lifestyle blog on Instagram (follow her @sussycani) or taking a photography class downtown.